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KhC Wonmoretime by fulociraptor KhC Wonmoretime by fulociraptor
Jessica walked quickly to the end of the stables, trying to get her chores done before 3 o'clock so she could go out with her friends for the day. Her dad has told her that they had gotten a new weanling and not to forget to feed her. She grabbed up the last bucket of feed and a net full of hay and made her way down the aisle to the last stall. The gate was open, she looked frantically around the empty stall.

"DAD! I thought you said we had a new filly!" She yelled assuming he has played a trick on her.

James ran over from this office, "We do.... she's a booth f..." He looked in the stall and sighed, "Call Janice... and anyone else you can get ahold of. She must have picked the lock."

This is "Tiny", give to by *sealle since she's getting rid of all her race babies D:.... I have decided to nickname her "panties" LOL Since her mom is undies... BTW, I think about extending her career after racing... Probably Eventing since she's so damned smart!

Registered Name: KhC Wommoretime
Nickname: "Tiny" "Panties"
Sire/Dam: So You Think x KhC UndaCova
Gender: Filly
Age: Weanling
Breed: Thoroughbred
History: Born from a breeding to Weight for Age super star So You Think and KhanCohban’s prize spotted mare Undies, it was a much anticipated pregnancy and the stud was overjoyed when the pregnancy took. Finding out there were two little buns a cooking in there was a shock and the vet had hinted about terminating one foetus. We wouldn’t hear about it. Undies did very well and almost carried to term, but the twins wanted out early and arrived early one morning well away from the birthing stall. Tiny was the slightly smaller of the two but seemed in perfect health. She has since evened out the size ratio a bit and is the cute face that hides the razor sharp wit.
Owned by: BirdCatcher Stables
Height: 16hh (expected)
Color: Honey Chestnut
Genotype: ee/Ata/nBc
Markings: Blaze, FR and HR socks, bird catcher spots
Eyes: Brown
Temperament: Born the second of twins, she is hot tempered, Tiny is all sunshine and rainbows when next to her borther, Uno. She is very smart and has inherited her dam’s tendency for lock picking. One of the easiest foals yet to halter train she will do anything for ear rubs and loves vegemite sandwiches. She is very sensitive so nervous people are not a good idea as she seems to be intensely aware of body language. Be confident and happy and this filly will race the sun for you.
Discipline: Racing
Track Type/Distance: Flat all/8-12fl
Winnings: 0 starts: 0/0/0 ($0)
Jockey: Undecided
Awards: N/A

Reference *Loopie2008-stock
s-uperflu0us Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
i do require notification when my stock is used, it is stated in my rules.
fulociraptor Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry... I probably forgot to send it off. I usually store references for weeks and don't remember where they came from until I check my favorites.
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